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“It’s a happy day every day, thanks to your fantastic new ebook — Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium

Dear Pippa (I hope you don’t mind me calling you Pippa!),

I was in a dead-end job, and I was miserable because I just didn’t think that I could quit. I needed the money, of course, and I thought that there was nothing else I could do. The only thing that kept me sane was my quilting at nights and weekends. All the time sewing, I used to dream of being free, being my own boss and making money from my crafting skills. I knew I could do it, I just didn’t know how to get started … until I found your fabulous new ebook.

Actually, there were so many options for making money that at first I didn’t know where to start, and it was soooooooo exciting reading about all the possibilities … Then I did lots of market research, the way you suggested, and I figure that I can make photo-memory quilts because I know so many people who would love to capture their family history that way. So thanks … I can see a way of quitting my ‘day job’ and being self sufficient from my quilting. And I feel happy all day, every day now. Thank you so much …

Anna Lyons, Tarago, New South Wales, Australia


Why Anna Loves This Quilting Business eBook …

Here’s why Anna loves this fantastic new ebook, and you will too when you discover …

  • you can make money from your crafting skills, whatever your personal circumstance
  • this ebook is no ordinary ‘how to make money from quilting’ ebook
  • this ebook is a massive compendium, full of novel and exciting ways to make money with patchwork and quilting products and services, with something to suit everybody
  • how easy it is to convert the time you spend on your craft into money-making time
  • the 7 actions you can take, right now, this moment, TODAY, without spending any money, to start your own new patchwork and quilting business
  • you can make money starting with just a few craft items, and very little cash outlay
  • how you can start a much bigger venture, such as ‘shop hop’ bus tours, with very little experience, and even less start-up cash!
  • the possibility of earning thousands of dollars from just one quilt
  • how to easily make money part-time, even if you have a full-time job, or have other commitments such a looking after a baby or small children
  • a guaranteed way of getting started for every possibly type of patchwork and quilting niche
  • the many MANY other ways of making money from patchwork and quilting than the three commonly promoted methods (selling quilts, providing long-arm quilting services, and owing a quilt shop)
  • how to match your particular knowledge and skills to the business that will suit you best with the Compendium’s unique “skills to business” comparison list
  • a fool-proof formula for making patchwork clothes that really sell
  • ways of finding incredibly cheap sources of materials (and some that are totally free!)
  • the absolutely latest ways to make money from patchwork crafts
  • ideas for making money from patchwork and quilting that you will not find in any other patchwork and quilting business book
  • how to solve the big problems you will encounter in your new business
  • detailed instructions on how to get started (if you buy this ebook today, you could be on your way to starting a new small business within minutes of starting to read!)
  • Patchwork an Quiltinga comprehensive range of ideas for generating income from your quilting craft, from micro-businesses, such as making cute baby toys, to owning your own quilt shop
  • sensational products you can make from patchwork fabric scraps that cost you nothing
  • vital marketing information which will increase your sales, as soon as you start selling




Introducing, the all new, all original …

“Patchwork and Quilting

Business Compendium”

How to Make Money From Your Crafts

of Patchwork and Quilting

*** With essential information to help you decide the best type of business for you to set up, and how to get started, TODAY ***


Cushion Shop “Millions of Women Are Ready to Spend Money” Did you know that there are millions of quilting enthusiasts who are keen to travel, expand their knowledge and spend their money right now?In 2010, a study by Quilting in AmericaTM found that the average age of the dedicated quilter in America is 62 years old. She is well educated (72% attended college) and she spends an average of two hours per week on quilting websites.

Most importantly, she is affluent, having an average income of over $90,000 per year and spending an average of $2,442 per year on her craft. Some 41% are advanced quilters, having been quilting for over 20 years. Many of these women are passionately keen about their craft and want to improve their skills.



To: All Lovers of Patchwork and Quilting Crafts Who Dream of Spending More Time With Their Passion, and Making Money as Well!

From: Philippa Carron, Patchwork and Quilting Entrepreneur, Professional Writer and Experienced Small-Business Owner and Manager (AKA ‘Pippa’)




If you have ever thought of trying to make money from your patchwork and quilting skills, then take a few minutes to indulge in a creative fantasy …


You’ve been in business for six months now and your clients just won’t leave you alone! They want more products from you and retailers are starting to ask for your products to sell too! You’re getting so big that you are thinking about moving into premises and employing some full-time staff. And this year, for the first time in a long-time, you will be able to take a holiday away because of all that extra cash coming in that just wasn’t there a year ago! Then there’s the pleasure of working just when you like … so, yes, close your eyes and dream for a moment how free and happy you could be …

Girls on bed




You CAN start a patchwork and quilting business …

Now, if YOU have a fantasy to make profits from your passion, I can really help you here because, whatever you dream, I KNOW that you can bring it into reality …

I know that you can make money from your crafting passion of patchwork and quilting …

However, I also know that unless you have the right information when you start out in business, you can easily lose money …

And that’s not all … you can definitely lose all interest in what was once your passion … in fact, you can come to hate it …

Plus you can also lose your self-confidence at the same time!


And you don’t want to do that!

If you want to go into business, you have to do it with as much help as possible … you have to be smart about it …

Let me tell you Martha’s story …

If you don’t believe me, let me tell you Martha’s story …

My friend Martha just loved quilting. Anything to do with patchwork and quilting, she was obsessed about.

When she suddenly decided to set up a quilting business she just wouldn’t listen to all the things which could go wrong …

She said “I’m an optimist”.

She said “I know how to make wonderful quilts … everyone loves my quilts”.

But I could see from her happy-go-lucky attitude that she was going to learn all the tough business lessons the hard way, when she didn’t really need to …

Months later, Martha came back to me, close to desperate. She’d made lots of nice quilts, but not any profit … in fact, she had spent way more than she had made …

What Martha Did Wrong …

As we sipped steaming big mugs of coffee, and ate way too many chocolate-chip cookies, we talked about exactly what Martha had done wrong …

  • She had bought lots of beautiful fabric from her local quilt shop so she had plenty of choice in her ‘stash’. But it had cost her way more money than she had planned, despite getting a ‘bulk’ discount of 10% at her local quilt shop. “Maybe I had a bit of a splurge when I thought about all those beautiful quilts I could make … ” she sighed. “Maybe I should have just bought the quilt shop!” she joked.
  • She had spent hours and hours making up quilts that she loved. She had had a great time, and her family and friends had said that her quilts looked absolutely fantastic, but … they were all still sitting in a pile in her spare room … and she didn’t know who would buy her finished products.
  • She had taken out a stall at her local craft markets, paid $100 for the stand. But, to her horror after she had set up the stall, there was another women there selling quilts too, and the other woman seemed to get all the customers because her quilts were much cheaper (“How could she sell them so cheaply?” Martha wanted to know.) Martha didn’t manage to sell anything at the craft fair, not even the few cushion covers she’d made out of scraps …
  • When I asked her about market research, Martha said “Everyone told me how beautiful my quilts were so I was sure that they would sell”. When I asked her “who to?”, she just gave me a blank look. She hadn’t done any market research and didn’t know how to go about it.
  • She had spent thousands of dollars getting an internet expert to design her a website, but she had no idea about getting a good Google ranking (‘search engine optimization or ‘SEO’ she called it) and so no-one even knew that her website existed. “The website was a total waste of money” she wailed.
  • In defiance she blurted “I did get one job. A lady commissioned me to finish her quilt for her”. I raised my eyebrows … “And?”. Martha slumped on the table. “Well, I quoted her a fixed price and I thought that I was doing OK until afterwards, when I added up all the hours I had spent on the job, plus the cost of subcontracting to a long-arm quilter, and I realised that I only got paid $2 an hour for the work overall.” She sighed and looked teary.
  • At last, she admitted, that when she started she didn’t have a business plan, no plan at all. She hadn’t done a SWOT analysis and, worst of all, she had no financial plan. Then, she said, and she started to cry at this point, she owed her father a lot of money that he had loaned her to buy a new sewing machine and she didn’t know how she was going to pay him back …


Finally, Martha asked me,


“So tell me what I should have done?” …

And so I told her: “Martha, I love writing. While I love quilting too, writing is my true passion. So I am going to write you a book. In fact, I am going to write you two books”

“Two books?” Martha asked.

“Yes, two books,” I repeated, and I went on to explain.

“Whenever you go into business, it does not matter what the business is, you need to work both in the business and on the business”.

“Hmmm,” said Martha “Someone asked me once, how much time was I spending on the business, but I just thought that she meant how much time was I spending making quilts. So what is the difference between on the business and in the business?”.

Well,” I explained, “working in the business means working on your product or services, actually making things, building up your inventory, or providing services to clients. It’s like you are an employee of your own business.”

“Working on the business basically means working on all the business side of things. Not just the bookkeeping and accounts, but more on market research about your potential customers, and on creating your next set of products.”

“Oh dear,” said Martha. “I didn’t do any of that sort of thing. I just thought all I had to do was make quilts and then sell them”.

“Well, you’re not alone. Plenty of people make these same small-business mistakes. That’s why something like 80% of start-up businesses fail within their first year. The businesses which do survive are usually the ones where the business owner has started a business before and been successful”.

“So I really didn’t stand much chance trying to do it all on my own?” said Martha, though it wasn’t really a question. She knew the answer now. She should have asked for as much help as possible in her new business venture, especially before spending so much money.

“Do you think it’s too late for me now?” she asked me, her natural optimism coming back.

“No, it’s not too late” I reassured her. “Not if you follow the basic, well-known principles for start-up businesses that I am going to write out for you. Plus … wouldn’t you love to be able to pay back that money back to your father?”.

“I would be so proud to be able to surprise my father and pay that money back …” she sighed.

The Hardest Part of Running a Small Business …

You see, the hardest part about taking your passion and making money from it, is the business side of what you do. Yes, you can make quilts, beautiful quilts, just like Martha did, but can you sell them for a profit?

So I wrote the two books for Martha and she is selling her quilts all over the place, and making a great profit! She has paid her father back the money she owed him, and she is thinking of branching out into a range of other business activities based on patchwork and quilting.

Last time we met, she said to me “I’m thinking about starting some ‘shop hop’ tours. There’s lots of beautiful craft shops on the outskirts of town. Now that my website is bringing in traffic, I could advertise the tours there.”

“And guess what?” she laughed. “Dad has said that he will help with another loan to expand the business because, as he said, I have such a good business plan now that he can see exactly what I will do, and how the money will come in to pay off the loan.”

“Go for it” I said, knowing that all the details that she needed to start craft shop bus tours were in my “Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium”, plus any time she wanted to remind herself about all the things that she should be doing to work on the business, she had my “Passion to Profit HQ—Start-Up Manual”.

So here it is …

a completely NEW ebook that tells you step-by-step how to
make money from every aspect of patchwork and quilting

“Patchwork and Quilting

Business Compendium”

How to turn your crafts of patchwork
and quilting into a
profitable and enjoyable small business

Patchwork & Quilting

“I know how to start teaching quilting skills now!”

Since I retired a couple of years ago I’ve had been thinking that I could teach quilting skills in my area, but just didn’t know how to get started. It all seemed just too complicated, and scary. Even though I know a lot about designing heirloom quilts, I had no idea how to design a good training course, and how to find people to enroll! But your detailed chapter on “Teaching Patchwork and Quilting Techniques” has helped me enormously and I’m well on my way to preparing my first session plans. Plus I now have a quilt shop interested in working with them to deliver the courses.

Actually, there were so many options for making money that at first I didn’t know where to start, and it was soooooooo exciting reading about all the possibilities … Then I did lots of market research, the way you suggested, and I figure that I can make photo-memory quilts because I know so many people who would love to capture their family history that way. So thanks … I can see a way of quitting my ‘day job’ and being self sufficient from my quilting. And I feel happy all day, every day now. Thank you so much …

Beverley Thornton, Canberra, Australia
“The perfect amount of information …”

Hi Philippa,

I just wanted to say that your book had just the perfect amount of information in it. It was detailed enough for me to get a good idea of what I could do and, most importantly, how to do it; but not so much detail that I got bogged down in trivial information that I didn’t need to know at this stage. I plan to start running some shop hop trips in our area and, with your ‘Getting Started’ section, I know exactly what I need to do.

Thanks so much, Angie (Angie Sayers, Brisbane, Australia)

“Your books are excellent …”

Dear Pippa,

I downloaded the books and have almost read all of them. Your books are excellent. They provide a wealth of information to those thinking of opening a home business or becoming involved in quilting shows. I have a few “garage enterprises” with which I have fun. Utilizing your outline of ideas should allow me to also have profit in addition to my fun. I found the books to be very complete. They printed out very well and there didn’t seem to be anything missing from the books. I wish you the best and appreciated the opportunity to obtain these valuable resources.

Best wishes, Brenda (Brenda Spadaro, Madison, Ohio)

“I have never found a resource as complete as yours …”

Dear Pippa,

I am most appreciative of the frankness you use to really spell out the realities of owning and starting a craft/art business from home. Over the years I have done much in this area but have never found a resource as complete as yours. I have tried to find out the ins and outs of the whole business end of things but have been a continual “student in the school of hard knocks”.

Blessings, Reglindis (Reglindis Eckhardt, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada)

What Martha Learned …

So this is what Martha learned, and you will too with my two books which


tell you exactly how to:

  • brainstorm ideas for a wide range of products and services to see what is possible with patchwork and quilting crafts
  • find ways of making money from patchwork products that you didn’t even know existed
  • thoroughly research a range of market niches and decide what will be the most profitable
  • match your own skill set with the perfect sort of business for you to run
  • decide whether to work from home, or have your own business premises
  • work out what sort of help you need from other professionals, such as attorneys and accountants
  • set up the right sort of business structure for your own personal financial circumstances and feel safe that your business and personal assets are separate and protected
  • write simple but powerful business plans and financial plans
  • get just the right sort of insurance for your business needs and not get ripped off
  • have a thorough checklist of all the business mistake that newbies make, so that you can avoid them
  • find sources of cheap or free fabrics for your productsFat Quarters in Basket
  • avoid the dangers of over-committing to customer commissions
  • find clients for your products and services who won’t cause you more trouble than they are worth to your new business
  • feel calm and confident when handling customer complaints
  • target a specific market and have customers queuing up for more of your products
  • discover marketing secrets that will help you get customers quickly and easily on a very low budget
  • commission a website and get the most out of having one, without paying way too much
  • make at least $100 per hour with specialist quilting services
  • bring in thousands of dollars per day with other businesses directly related to patchwork and quilting
  • exploit the three major niches for patchwork clothing which sell the best
  • sell your products on eBay and ETSY so that you get the most money for them
  • charge much higher prices than you could ever have though possible for your products
  • brand your products and services with your own unique style that becomes instantly recognised
  • choose the right long-arm quilting machine and get started on providing long-arm quilting services
  • create your own special niche with dazzling recycled patchwork furniture
  • introduce your own new fabric range or import specialty fabric from an exotic country
  • develop course materials and market your own special quilting classes
  • become a mentor or tutor to individuals wanting to learn more about patchwork and quilting
  • make easy money from quilting books and publishing
  • learn the essential details of how to run shopping tours and craft retreats
Cushions & Covers“I had so much fun with your book …”

Hi Pippa,

I had been searching for information  about how I could turn my patchwork into a business and then I came across your book.  It has been a tremendous help and given me both the confidence and inspiration to kickstart my dream of making money from my patchwork!  I particularly like the chapter on Heirloom Quilts on page 22 as I am currently in the process of finishing one up.  Now I know what steps to take and the direction I need to go to get established in the market.  I had so much fun with your book and I am really excited about where this will take me!

All the best,

Katrina Carey, Portland, Australia

So if you …

  • have ever dreamed about quitting your day job because it is boring, or you hate it, and doing something that you loved …
  • are uncertain about making a decision whether to turn your hobby into a business …
  • want to set up your own business but feel overwhelmed by all the fragmented bits of information on the internet …
  • have ever dreamed of making money full-time with your quilting …
  • would rather be independent and have no cap on your income …
  • want to work from home to save on commuting time and stress …
  • have been at home looking after young children and don’t want to go back to your regular job …
  • are unemployed and don’t have much money, but love to be creative …
  • are struggling to make ends meet and worried about how you were going to pay the bills …
  • think that you could supplement the family budget by doing something you enjoy in the evenings or on weekends …
  • know that you can make great patchwork and quilting products but lack confidence in your own ability to run the business side of things …
  • have just lost your job and don’t know whether you can find another one soon …
  • never seem to have enough money for yourself, and want more cash to pay for your own special things …
  • have creative skills and ideas that you know you can use to make money …
  • love your crafting but are unaware of just how you could make money from it …
  • have a creative idea but need some business support …
  • are retired and would like to do more than just sewing at home alone …
  • want some extra cash for a holiday, a new car, or even a new house …
  • already run your own small business, but want to know how to expand it dramatically with more clients or more products and services …

… then this Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium is definitely for you because it has the answers that you are looking for …

Patchwork & Quilting

Baby In Quilt“Such a wonderful idea”

Dear Philippa

Since I read your book and saw that you recommended finding a niche within the quilting market, I decided to specialise in making baby crib and cot quilts. I had no idea there were so many clever ways of finding enthusiastic customers, but I now have a queue of grandmothers who have commissioned me to make special quilts for their grandchildren. And your business management tips were fantastic, helping me to focus on the ‘on the business’ side of things which was what I was worried about most when I first started out.

Melanie Young, London, UK

There are so many aspects to turning your craft into a business that I know you will need more than just this book, as big as it is.

This is why I’ve included a massive 7 special bonus offers for you.

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A Reader-Friendly Guide Which Tells You How to Turn Any Passion into a Start-Up Business There are two sides to running a business and you need to know about both. The “Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium” will give you information about the ‘product’ side of your business. This book provides essential information about the ‘business’ side of your business!

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If you are going to start a small or micro business, it is essential that you have a plan of what you will do because “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.There are many business plan templates available for free on the internet, but most are way too complicated for your start-up needs. This Business Plan Template is easy to understand and easy to use.

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This Classic Book Provides 101  Quilt Patterns, Name Stories, Cutting Designs, Material Suggestions, Yardage Estimates, and Instructions for Every Step of Quilt Making.This book is a classic and great for getting ideas for making heirloom quilts.

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You’re going to love the price …

Now I’m sure you’re thinking this is going to be expensive. All that vital information synthesized into one easy-to-read compendium! Plus the bonuses which tell you exactly how to work ‘on your business’.

And you are right! This product should sell for at least $97 given what else is out there in the market (I’ve seen so many other quilting books that really don’t deliver on their promise!).

Considering all the expert research that has gone into this book, and the fact that I’m are giving you a fail-safe, step-by-step system which will dramatically increase your chances of success in setting up your own small business, this book is easily worth $97.00.

But considering this is a relatively new product, and I’m keen to get some feedback on it, I have discounted the price for a couple of weeks.

So for a few weeks the price is a fabulously low $37.00. But it won’t stay this low for long so, please, do be quick.

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Well, I know that having a great idea, and being able to make a product, is only half the secret to success in small business (I’ve bought and sold, and started up lots of businesses myself—including “Passion to Profit” businesses), and I’m keen that you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did at times. I want you to have access to the best information that will make your business profitable from as early on as possible. And that means having information about running the business as well, and things like business plan templates and internet marketing secrets.

And just to show how serious I am, I’m also offering a 100%, 60-day, money-back guarantee.

100% Money back guarantee

Here’s What You Get Value You pay
“Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium”

108 pages of valuable, easy-to-read information

$97.00 $37.00
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Patchwork & Quilting

Order Now

Now, with these bonuses you should have no hesitation
in clicking the “Order Now” button.

Now, with these bonuses you should have no hesitation in clicking the “Order Now” button.

BUT, I know that there are people out there who want lots of detail, and it occurred to me that “maybe there is someone who doesn’t believe me that this book is so big and so comprehensive”.

So I have put up a posting on the blog page of this website which provides a copy of my book’s entire contents page – most other ebooks won’t give you that in advance! To check for yourself, scroll back to the top and select the “Blog” tab on the far right. Then, under “categories”, select “Book Table of Contents” and see for yourself.

AND, I have put up a blog of the companion book’s contents pages as well so that you can see exactly what you need to do to work on your business as well.

You can read more of my blogs, of course, but come right back to this page and select “Order Now” so you don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

And, I nearly forgot to say, this book has been written for a global market and can be used to make money in every country, not just America or Canada.

Plus, the Compendium includes information about long-arm quilting and about buying or establishing a quilt shop, so there is absolutely no need to buy three books!

So if you want freedom and excitement and unlimited potential to make money, there’s nothing left to do, but click on the order button NOW. With my absolutely secure internet credit card transactions through Clickbank, your payment is totally safe.

With all my best wishes for your
“Passion to Profit” success,

Pippa Carron

Philippa (Pippa) Carron, PhD

(Yes – that’s me in my favourite patchwork jacket!)Pippa Carron

P.S.  So if you are serious about living the life you want, and turning your passion to profit, then your search is over … it’s all here at the press of a button for only $37.00!


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By the way,  you should be aware that this Compendium hasn’t been written by a contract outworker who knows little about patchwork and quilting, and even less about starting up a small business. I have personally written the book Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium and I have personally written the #1 bonus book Passion to Profit HQ – Business Start-Up Manual. I am a professional technical writer and an experienced business owner.

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